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Way To Go, Mary Jo!

tn 13-23-53Click here to watch Mary Jo on Good Morning America this morning chit-chatting about Divorce Sucks! Not only was she eloquent, but she had an amazing hair day as well!

*Update: And here’s a link to the Bonnie Hunt show. Click on VIDEOS to see Mary Jo in motion!

Oh, and let’s not forget the first of two appearances on the Joy Behar show!

Divorce Sucks Publicity

imagesMany people have been asking me when they can expect to see Mary Jo dishing about divorce. Because the book was originally supposed to be released mid October (amazon got it a few weeks early…oops!), that’s when the publicity officially begins. Good Morning America wanted an exclusive first sit down with Mary Jo, so everything is set to go after that! After GMA next Tuesday, the 20th, Mary Jo will then shoot interviews for Access Hollywood, Inside Edition, The Joy Behar Show, Extra and others. Then comes The Bonnie Hunt Show and Dr. Phil back in L.A. Oh, and look for her this week in People magazine. I’ll update with more specifics soon, but for now, the publicity bandwagon officially starts rolling next Tuesday with Good Morning America!!!

The Real “Divorce Sucks” Dirt

-SM42cover_130I was surprised as anyone to see Divorce Sucks as the central focus of the last two Star magazines. But even though these articles boosted book sales, I don’t want to mislead anyone. True, there are many stories about Tori and Dean sprinkled throughout the book, but the reason they’re there isn’t to be vindictive or seek revenge. They’re there because Mary Jo is telling her personal journey on her own “divorce cruise” where both Tori and Dean were found front and center, sometimes even steering the ship. In every other book in the Sucks series, you’ll hear personal stories as well as they relate to the topic at hand (pregnancy, dating, dieting, menopause, Christmas, and many others). And like all the other books in the series, Divorce Sucks is, and always will be, an empowering book to help women who are going through an incredibly sucky time in their lives and learn how come out of it a wiser and better person.
So, if you want to buy Divorce Sucks to hear about Mary Jo’s first tumultuous meeting with Tori, or to read about how Dean broke Mary Jo’s heart while she wearing in a bikini (a difficult moment for any woman all on its own!), be my guest. But if you’re looking for a way to survive your own “divorce cruise,” I’m sure you’ll find it far more rewarding.

“Divorce Sucks”: The Story Behind the Story

51YwKvQw+YL._SL160_AA115_I have a series of Sucks books. It started years ago when I hated being pregnant and wanted to write a book that said it’s okay to have 9 months of blech instead of 9 month of bliss. I called it “Pregnancy Sucks.” It became a best seller and led to all the other 11 books in the Sucks Series (see title names above). But when it came time to write “Divorce Sucks” I couldn’t do it. Although there have been plenty of times I kicked the idea of divorce around in my head (especially during playoff season), I’ve never actually been divorced. I thought of asking my friend Mary Jo (otherwise known as the woman whose husband left her for Tori Spelling) to write it, but I figured there’d be a 90% chance she’d say no. Selfishly she’d be the ideal author (she’s funny and smart and has an amazing story to share) but I didn’t think she was ready to tell her tale. So I crossed my fingers and made the call and lo and behold, she said yes!! And boy, was I right! Mary Jo wrote an amazing book that’s the perfect blend of a helpful guide to divorce with just enough juicy tidbits of her own story to keep you laughing and crying. Like all the other books in the Sucks series, this book is helpful, humorous, commiserating and consoling. So if you’re thinking about, getting, or trying to get over, a divorce, it’s the perfect book for you! And of course, there are those juicy tidbits to read along the way!

Perezhilton took notice:

Divorce Sucks is Perez worthy! See for yourself!

*Update: Yesterday it was Perez worthy. Today, it’s LA Examiner worthy!

It’s Out, Baby!

85487393AR048_2ND_ANNUAL_A_Even though it won’t officially be released until Oct. 18th (although it is available on New York Daily News is the first to tease the world with the first tidbit from Divorce Sucks. This article was released a couple of days ago! I’ll post more later, but my editor just emailed me that Mary Jo (better known as the woman whose husband left her for Tori Spelling) is now confirmed on Access Hollywood, Good Morning America, OK magazine, Better TV, Inside Edition, and Redbook (now on stands!). Here’s the link to the NY Daily News thing:

Middle School Sucks

imagesIt’s been nine days so far. Nine days of my sixth grade daughter complaining about how much she hates middle school and nine days of me telling her that it’s going to get better soon. Look, I’ve been to middle school (or, as they called it in my pre-historic days: Junior High) and I know I’m lying. I know it’s not going to get a hell of a lot better anytime soon. Middle school is just a sucky time of life. It’s a time of mean teachers and mean students and trying to fit in when you feel like you never will. It’s a time of insecurities and pimples and body hair and breast buds and painful unreturned crushes. In sum, it’s hell.

In these short nine days, my delicate little flower of a daughter has been yelled at by a yard aid because she tried to visit her locker before school (who knew you had to wait until the first bell? Btw, isn’t it cute the way they call it “visit” their locker? It’s like it’s a distant relative in town from Schenectady). She was also humiliated when she accidentally went to her math class in her gym clothes because she was confused by “backwards day” (every Tues. and Thurs. they switch around the periods just to add more anxt to their already overly hormonal and dramatic lives). And I can actually see her spine start to curve because of the enormous amount of weight she’s forced to carry around in her backpack. We weighed it. With books it weighs 30 pounds. My daughter weighs 65. The poor thing is like a dung beetle schlepping around a gynormous piece of pooh…in the valley heat to boot! Today, it’s predicted to reach 104 degrees!

So yes. I lie to my child. I tell her things are going to get better. I try to spin things in a positive light. Just this morning when I was dropping her off and she was pleading not to go, I said, “It’s just like jumping into a cold pool. Once you’re in, you’ll get used to it.” “No” she said in return. “It’s like jumping into a cold pool that never warms up and stays bitter cold all day long. And I’m forced to stay in that cold pool all alone freezing and shivering until you pick me up.” Do I feel horrible? Absolutely. Do I drop her off anyway? Absolutely. I know if I don’t, my only option is homeschooling and that’s a bitter cold pool that I’m not jumping into anytime soon. Besides, maybe she’s just being overly dramatic. I wonder who she could have gotten that from?

“Thirtysomething” Returns!!!

MV5BMzg2MDMyNTQ1NV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwOTc0ODQ1Mg@@._V1._CR0,0,353,353_SS90_While it may not pack the same punch as the release of the “Sex And The City” movie, the DVD of Thirtysomething is still quite a thrill! Oh how I’ve missed the drama filled sagas of Michael and Hope, Elliott and Nancy, and my single relatable friends, Melissa and Ellyn! While I was only a mere Twentysomething when it was on television, I still devoured every story line and dissected every syllable the next day with my fiends!
Will the show still hold up twenty years later or will the whining of ’80s yuppies be as grating as “Curb Your Enthusiasm” (am I the only one who’s bugged by that show?)? I guess I won’t know for awhile because when I went to my local Blockbuster this morning to rent it, the pimple-faced teen never heard of the damn show and couldn’t figure out how to spell it on his stupid computer. He’ll get his a couple of decades from now when he meanders into a video store to rent something staring Miley Cyrus and will have to deal with an ignorant employee who right now is in the fetal position soaking in amniotic fluid. Until then, I guess I’ll just have to wait a bit longer to see my dear old friends.

Amusement Parks Suck

imagesActually, not really. There is one exception to that exhausting, crowded, expensive, and life-sucking day of trekking through an amusement park. A day you’d only do for the love of your child. Was it my choice to fight traffic, deal with price gauging, wait under a hot, blazing sun in lines reminiscent of early “Star Wars” premiers? Absolutely not. But was it worth it to see the smile on my kid’s face? Absolutely!
So, at the end of the day, while sitting in bumper to bumper traffic, my daughter asked me what was my favorite ride. I thought long and hard about all we had done that day and I answered her truthfully: my favorite ride was the tram. Yes, the wonderful tram! That tram ride into the park was exciting as we began our day of adventure, and the tram ride out was even more spectacular as my poor, limp, spaghetti legs finally got a chance to relax! Yes, the tram was absolutely, positively my favorite thing about that my day. That, and of course the smile on my kid’s face! Both of those things actually made my day at the amusement park worthwhile!

Go Mary Jo!

_MG_2060RG-1After hours of cyber struggle, Mary Jo Eustace’s new blog is up and running! She’ll be posting her personal divorce struggles and insight, perfect for those people who can’t wait for “Divorce Sucks” to come out. Check out her site here!