Welcome to my new blog!  I’m Joanne Kimes, the author of the Sucks Series, the first series of its kind to help shine a light on some of the darkest times of your life.

Originally, there was Pregnancy Sucks, the first book to finally reveal the true, and often unspoken horrors of pregnancy.  From the constipation to the third nipples, to the methane factory that’s suddenly stashed up your rear end, Pregnancy Sucks offered medically sound advice, and made you feel like you weren’t the only woman who hated the reproductive process. 

Pregnancy Sucks instantly became a best seller and led to the eight other books in the series.  This month comes the latest addition, Dieting Sucks, which is like having a paperback diet buddy.  It’ll provide you with loads of dieting motivation, tips, and laughs, to get you through even the toughest diet.  Whether used alone, or as a diet plan “chaser”, Dieting Sucks will get you to your goal weight faster than you can say “hydrogenated cottonseed oil”. 

My blog was designed to help familiarize you with my series of books, plus, give me an outlet to write about other sucky things that happen in my day that don’t necessarily fit into any of the books that I’m currently writing.  I hope you enjoy my blog and keep coming back for more! 

(a big thank you to Jon Deer, the best brother-in-law a technologically challenged girl could ask for, for putting this website together for me!)


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  1. Great first post. Wow!

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