Adopting a Baby Sucks

I think adoption is a wonderful thing.  You get to expand your family without the risk of pooping on the delivery room table.  Plus, you can give a home to a needy child and be a part of one of the biggest celebrity trends since Ugg boots.  But I’m wondering if all that glitters is not gold as this is the second year in a row that I’ve seen the demise of a marriage just weeks after the adoption papers were signed. 

Last year, it happened to my friends, Mary Jo and Dean.  They appeared to be a happily married couple with a seven year old boy so gorgeous, he brought out my inner Mary Kay Letourneau.  And, after years of infertility problems, they had just adopted a beautiful baby girl. But then Dean, a struggling actor, got a part starring opposite Tori Spelling.  They fell in love, had some raunchy photos taken on location, and the rest is tabloid history.  Yes, Dean met his “soul mate”, Mary Jo met a good divorce lawyer, and just weeks after the adoption went through, this once happily married couple was no longer happily married, and they moved far, far away.

Here it is now, almost a year to the day, and my lovely neighbor just informed me that her husband of more than a decade has too fallen in love with someone else and decided to leave.  And true to form, it happened just weeks after they adopted a beautiful baby boy.  Coincidence?  I wonder. 

Maybe going though the ordeal of an adoption puts a strain on one’s marriage.  Or maybe it brings up problems that were once buried underneath the surface.  Or maybe all men are just scum, plain and simple.  The only thing I do know for sure is that I feel terrible for all the parties involved.  The couple for going through a divorce. The child for having to grow up without an intact family.  And me, for not being able to see that gorgeous seven year old boy grow into fruition.


One response to “Adopting a Baby Sucks

  1. Using your alarming theory, I am worried for Madonna and Guy Ritchie. Keep writing, Joanne, you are so funny.

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