Upcoming Appearances

The following is my schedule for radio interviews and book signings:

Monday, November 1, 2006   Radio Interview

9:38 -10:00am PT WSDE-AM with Kathryn Zox (in the N.Y. area)

Saturday, November 4, 2006  Book Signing

Borders Books in the SouthCoastPlaza

1:00-2:00pm :3333 Bear St. Costa Mesa, CA 92626


Monday, November 7, 2006  Radio Interview

6:30-6:40am   WZEE-AM The Connie & Fish Radio Network

(Heard in the Wisconsin area)


11-11:30am    WNTN-AM David Roberts Show

(Heard in Mass.)

Tuesday, November 14 2006   Radio Interview

8:30-8:45 ET          WTKS-AM  Bill Edwards’Savannah’s Best Morning News

8:40-8:50am   KRSY-FM The Morning Show (In New Mexico)

Thursday, November 16  Radio Interview

12:15-12:35pm   WSDE -AM the Kathryn Zox show in N.Y.

Monday, Novemeber 27  Radio Show

7:40-7:46am  KCMN-AM Tron Talk in Colorado Springs

10:30-10:50am Lisa Birnbach Show-Greenstone Media  N.Y.

11:30-11:45am WBEB-FM Women’s File in PA

Tuesday, November 28 2006  Radio Interview4:10-4:25pm CT WKCT-AM  Drive Time w/Roy Brassfield

(heard in portions of KY and TN)


Wednesday, November 29, 2006

10:30-10:40  KWIX -AM  Moberly, MO

Friday, December 8, 2006  Radio Interview

1-1:30pm ET   WBZ-AM  Jordan Rich Show       (heard in several East Coast stations)


3 responses to “Upcoming Appearances

  1. Hi — You’re right, everything does suck!! I love this site and you are hilarious.

  2. I always knew you were brillliant, but underestimated your knowledge, empathy, understanding of the human condition and your humor.

    Everyone in Laguna Woods Village. and beyond. will get a copy of this blog. Fortunately I am not wearing a cardigan otherwise all buttons would be popped.

    Great Going Gal.!

  3. are there any radio interviews in my area? Love to hear your charming voice.

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