Waiting To Hear From The Today Show Sucks

Every time a new book comes out, I get a call from a TV show that’s interested in having me on as a guest.  This time , it’s from the Today show.  But before they can commit, they’ve asked to see a video piece from a show I was on in the past.  The tape was sent, and I’ve been waiting for a reply every since.  

Day after day I helplessly sit at home awaiting their call as if they’re a cute boy I gave my number to.  In fact, I’ve decided that many of the same rules that apply to dating, also apply to waiting from a call from the Today show as well.  For one thing, I can’t call them or else I’ll appear weak.  For another, I have to stay busy so I won’t pounce on the phone when it rings like a kitten on a naked ass during sex. 

But I guess there is one difference.  I know that the Today show isn’t calling because they don’t want to appear desperate.  So I have no choice but to wait it out and hope that if they do call, I”ll have enough time to drop 20 pounds before the big day arrives.  


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