Book Signings Don’t Suck

I’m always happy to do a book signing and was quite pleased when Borders called me.  When my first book came out, I tried everything I could do to schedule a signing but no one would have me.  I felt like Jennifer Grey after having her nose fixed.  In the literary world, you have to be a celebrity to warrant a book signing which doesn’t seem right since they already get all the good seats at restaurants.

Never the less, last week I drove down to Borders in South Coast Plaza .  In case you’ve never heard of it, South Coast Plaza is the Rodeo Drive of malls.  The shops are first rate, the visitors could pass as Ford models, and the place is so huge, everyone walks around with a thick guide book as if they’re visiting a foreign city. After walking miles around the mall, I finally found Borders and took my place behind the table they had set up for me. I had my trusty black marker in hand, a stack of Dieting Sucks books by my side, and my delicious free latte (They say they give one to every author.  Not exactly a seat at Spagos, but I’ll take what I can get).  I spoke with some wonderful people, and the hour flew by quickly.  Okay, I didn’t sell millions of books.  In fact, I spent more money on a new blouse I bought while I was there than I’d make on future royalties, but all in all it went okay.  I had my new blouse, my free latte, and my bigger calf muscles due to all that walking.  So, when push came to shove, it turned out to be a really good day!  Thank you, Borders. 


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