Blogs Suck

I’ve been disappointed with my blog.  Not by the way it looks but rather how it works.  I thought by now I’d have a following who click on my site every once and awhile to read about a new book or a sucky complaint of life.  But that hasn’t happened.  You’d think having the word “sucks” in the title would at least get me hundreds of frustrated men looking for porn sites.  But despite that, and the fact that I’ve talked about my blog on the some 40 radio shows I’ve done, people have not found me. 

I’d get the occational gripe from friends and past site fans that my blog was hard to link up to, so I figured there must be some technical glitch.  So several months ago, when my numbers continued to look bleak, I stopped writing in my blog. 

But then, out of nowhere, my numbers picked up.  That, combined with the fact that I have two books coming out in a couple of months, have reignited my desire to write about sucky things once again.  So check in now and again to see what’s new.  And for those of you searching for porn, click on my “coming in spring” page to read intros to my two new books, Potty Training Sucks and Grammar Sucks!  Granted, it’s no girl-on-girl action, but you still may find it amusing.


2 responses to “Blogs Suck

  1. When a search is done on your name or book title the results are sites that are selling your books. This site is way at the bottom of the search. We do love Pregnancy Sucks.

  2. I’ve found the same thing with my blog. I think that blogging life is irregular, at best.

    I just found your site and am currently in a sucky pregnancy, so I’m looking forward to reading your book. Thanks for the thoughts!

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