Getting Men to Read Pregnancy Books Sucks

A blogger named Stacy wrote to ask that “Pregnancy Sucks for Men” be available on audio tape so her husband can listen to it in the car since he’s not reading it in book form. Stacy is not the first woman to struggle to get the guy who knocked her up read a pregnancy book. In fact, it’s one of the most universal frustrations of pregnant woman, second only to trying to hold in all that gas.
When writing Pregnancy Sucks for Men, I asked my editor if I could make the book more male-friendly by including photos of golf highlights, using quotes from top sports figures, and putting a few scattered breasts on the cover. I figured these tactics were the only way to get men to read this type of book. Unfortunately, my requests were nixed.
I think the only solution to this frustration is that we women accept our husband’s limitations in this matter, just as we do their limitation in putting new toilet paper on the empty roll or forgetting what foreplay is after saying “I do”. If anything, this phenomenon of men not reading pregnancy books does serve one purpose: It makes it clear why we women develop such a mad crush on our OBs. At least they read the damn books!


3 responses to “Getting Men to Read Pregnancy Books Sucks

  1. my husband not reading pregnancy books sucks, too! especially when he will then say, ‘huh…i didn’t know that.’

  2. Gotcha, suckah! I may be tres stupid, but I couldn’t find a contact link anywhere here. Anyhoo, please email me to discuss cool and fabulous stuff per your phone call a little bit ago. 🙂

  3. Well I have started reading Pregnancy Sucks For Men since my significant other has miscarried twice this past summer and just the first month was a roller coaster and then when it ended prematurely it was even worse. So guess I’ll be one of the men in your blogger.

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