E-Pregnancy.com Doesn’t Suck!

I was fortunate enough to have an excerpt from my book, PregnancySucks, be included in ePregnancy.com and I’m so thrilled! I now understand why I have so many new viewers and I want to welcome each and every one of you wonderful pregnant women. I looked through the site and found it to be so helpful, that I almost wish I were pregnant again. Okay. Maybe not. But I do wish my sister was pregnant again so I could tell her about it! Cheryl Lage has done a beautiful job and I want to thank her for making me a part of it! I wish all you new readers a happy, healthy, and hemorrhoid free pregnany!


2 responses to “E-Pregnancy.com Doesn’t Suck!

  1. Though I’m not from epregnancy.com, I am a new reader of your work and SO GRATEFUL that I’m not alone!!!

    Thanks for the fabulous book (Pregnancy Sucks)!

  2. Lawsy, Joanne—Thank you for the kind compliment! I’ll be sure to forward it to my colleagues at eP who are TRULY the ones responsible for how fabby it all looks! 🙂

    Pending mutual appreciation alert: When great writers allow us to include/introduce snippets of their great books, THAT is what makes the site such a marvy resource…so thank YOU!

    Our readers are quite convinced you don’t suck, so we’re looking forward to more Kimes-cred on our sites in the future.

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