Buying Your Kid a Halloween Costume Sucks!

Every year around this time, the fear of Halloween strikes. Not the fear of witches and gobblins mind you, but the fear of what my nine year old daughter can do when she doesn’t get the costume she wants. Keep in mind, it takes her forever to decide upon an outfit in the first place. She contemplates it for days, discusses it over with her friends, then changes her mind a dozen times. Finally, after weeks of agony and stress, a decision is made. This year, it’s Emily the Strange, a character based on a popular book series. After going to several stores, making a few phone calls, and surfing the internet, we discover that the one and only costume she wants in the world is only availible in teen sizes, far too large for her very pre-teen frame. I offer to hem it for her but nooooooo! I tell her she needs to choose another option, but nooooooo! again. Every time I make a suggestion, her voice becomes more shrill and her eyes become more bloodshot. She transforms from my sweet, delicious child into a terrorizing beast. If only she could see what I see, she’d realize she’s far more scary than any costume sold at the Halloween store. Will she get the costume she wants and let me hem it? Will she go back to the drawing board and choose something else? And will I go insane before the next 7 years go by when she’s finally old enough to drive herself to the store and buy herself her own damn bag of candy? Stay tuned!


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