Christmas Sucks

Now, before you condemn me to a life in H-E-double toothpicks for being blastphemous, let me explain.  Christmas has lost it’s meaning somewhere between the Santa Pez dispensers and the nativity scene made in the likeness of The Simpsons.  These days it’s all about the shopping madness, the travel stress, and the budget breaking gifts.  In fact, if you’re not paying off your gift come the Forth of July, or buying it in three easy payments, it not even considered a gift.   Somewhere down the line, we’ve lost the true meaning of the holidays…peace on Earth, good will towards man, and that great Bruce Springsteen version of “Santa Claus is Coming to Town.”  I suggest we try to return to the days of yesteryear when gifts were personal and families actually wanted to be together.  When parents didn’t have to commit a felony to get their kid a Wii console, and body parts weren’t Xeroxed at office parties.  Once we achieve those goals, maybe then we can have a truly merry Christmas.  Until then, it’s just a giant slew of traffic, shopping, paying, wrapping, mailing, cleaning, cooking, fighting, and entertaining until the big day arrives.


3 responses to “Christmas Sucks

  1. Joanne,

    I must say that I still love Christmas. I love the parties, I love the decorations, I love the music, I love the smells and I love the presents! When I was a kid it took us 3 hours on Christmas morning to open the presents and I loved every minute. Now that I’m the parent I love seeing my kids on Christmas morning opening up their stockings and gifts. As an athiest Christmas has never meant anything religious to me, but it is about being with my family and enjoying this special time of year. So Merry Christmas everyone!

  2. Ours was just three weeks of cleaning, cooking, and entertaining. I think we spent a total of $250 on gifts between the 20 people or so we exchanged with. Made tamales (family tradition), had parties and generally had a great time.

    Remember, it all starts at home.

  3. omg I thought it was just me hating the shopping madness! and yet we all still have to do it?

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