Being Overweight Sucks

How long am I entitled to say “I just had a baby” to rationalize the fact that I still wear transitional pants?  My daughter is 9…years that is, not months. Does that still qualify?  I figure 9 years isn’t much when compared to how long ago dinosaurs roamed the planet, so I think I can still get away with it.  But I am getting tired of seeing my pre-pregnancy clothes mock me from the back of my closet.  That’s why I did what Kirsty and Valerie and many others have done before me, and I called Jenny Craig.  This is day 3 and so far, so good.  I’m not hungry, the food’s pretty good, and it’s premade so I don’t have to fix myself a separate meal.  I already have to fix one meal for my husband (a meat and potato guy) and for my daughter (a pasta and more pasta kind of gal), so it makes my life easier.  And who knows, after a few months, maybe I can finally get those clothes to shut up! 


One response to “Being Overweight Sucks

  1. Good Luck doing Jenny! from your old friend, Hallie, the lifer at Weight Watchers – still doing it! xxoo, Hallie

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