Hot Flashes Don’t Suck

I got my first hot flash last night. I guess it’s official, I’m in perimenopause. Holy crapity crap crap crap.  

It wasn’t a hot “flash” exactly.  It was more like a hot “flush”.  I felt a wave of warmth flow over me for about thirty seconds and then it was all over.   Maybe that’s how it is with hot flashes.  They start off quite mild then grow with intensity over the years. Sort of like your hatred towards your mother-in-law.  I always feared getting a hot flash, but now that I had one, I must say I actually enjoyed it. I’m the kind of person that’s always cold, even here in L.A. where the temperature can fall to a bitter low of 70.  Maybe when my hot flashes start coming more often and grow more intense, I can finally be comfortable in my own skin! So I guess that hitting this next stage in my life may not be so bad after all.  Sure, I may have the endure insomnia, memory loss, and mood swings, but if I can do it being warm, I think I’ll come out ahead.


**UPDATE: False alarm.  I didn’t have a hot flash after all.  I was wearing my new feetsie pajamas my husband gave me for my birthday and I must have gotten overheated.  I didn’t have a “hot flush” again until days later when I just happen to have been wearing those cozy jammies again.  Oh well.  Guess it’ll be a few more years before I’m finally warm.


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