Having a Picky Eater Sucks

If your child is a picky eater like mine, it can be exhausting to get them to eat well. Here are a few tips I’ve picked up over the years to help the good food go down:

Make the food fun. When my daughter was younger she refused to eat whole wheat bread so I toasted it, cut out a circle with a large biscuit cutter, scraped out eyes and a smile, and presented it as Tubby Toast! She couldn’t get enough. Yogurt makes good Tubbie Custard too!

Have your kid help make the food. I’m not sure what the psychological basis is, but if your child helps prepare the food, they’re much more likely to eat it.

Buy protein pasta (they sell it next to regular) and mix it with the non-protein kind.

Keep the food simple. Don’t add lots of flavor or “lawn” (picky eater kidspeak for herbs).

Give the food a fun name. They don’t call it “Ants on a Log” for nothin’!


One response to “Having a Picky Eater Sucks

  1. Our son was a picky eater from birth…didn’t want breastmilk. We tried everything, but he’s still a picky eater today, doesn’t even like pizza at age 23.

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