At Last!

“The Stay-at-Home Martyr” is finally available on If you’re at all curious how to reinvent yourself, stop obsessing over your child’s every nose wipe, fire up a dismal sex life, cultivate a hobby that doesn’t include the letters “P” “T” or “A”, raise your plummeting IQ from the mental mush of child-rearing, and rid yourself of extraneous excess baggage (baby weight, body hair, heavy chip on shoulder, and judgmental playgroup mommies), this is your reading material! Or if you need a gift for your sister-in-law/wife/neighbor/cousin who thinks it’s perfectly acceptable to abandon all forms of adult interaction, growth, and grooming in favor of raising an “uber-child”, go to:


One response to “At Last!

  1. Cannot WAIT to read this one, Joanne! 🙂 Congrats!

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