My Take on Sarah Palin

Look. I’m smart enough to know that I shouldn’t use this blog to share my political views for fear of pissing off what few steady viewers that I have. But I will say that out of the dozens upon dozens of comments about Sarah Palin from reporters, columnists, debaters, and experts, there is one thing I noticed about Sarah Palin that no one has ever commented on. Three words: Clip-on earrings. You have to admit that if Sarah Palin doesn’t have the fortitude to get her ears pierced, how is she going to have the strength to potentially run this country? Even my fearful daughter had the courage to hold her breath and let the lady at Claire’s fire off that piercing gun. And she was only nine! Besides, after giving birth to five babies, Sarah’s bladder is already as weak as that of a 95 year old woman. She shouldn’t have yet another weakness that we have to rationalize away. I just think it’s something to consider.

Update: Oh crap! I saw a photo of Sarah Palin with what looks like, pierced ears, double pierced at that, so I guess I’m mistaken. But I’m sticking to the weak bladder thing.


4 responses to “My Take on Sarah Palin

  1. I think the clip on earrings you refer to are an attempt to ‘polish’ her image … make her come across more conservative.. … probably they were borrowed ..

    Actually I have seen a couple of photos where she has double pierced ears. I am not sure whether it is on both earlobes … certainly her right ear is double pierced. Again I have not seen any photo of her wearing two earrings since the VP nomination … again having double pierced ears may be seen as negative by the ‘spin doctors’…. although I am not sure why – like many women I have double pierced ears…. with some studs in the second holes – what is the problem?

    I would whether Sarah has any other bodyart – other piercings or a tattoo?

    regards, Claudia

  2. Sarah Palin has a double-pierced right ear. Since becoming running mate for MCCain, she is not wearing anything in the second hole, presumably because the advisors think it will make her come over as trashy and unfit for office; I presume the clip-ons were for the same reason. Not to worry, however; she needs only to speak to reassure us all of that.

  3. I saw a image in an article on CNN today that made me wonder about the clip ons because of the picture- so I googled that and got here.

    Anyways- about clip ons- from a 24 year old view- they scream old and uptight. I remember before getting my ears pierced as a child my great grandmother gave my sisters and I a box of old jewelry that contained clip on earrings. PAINFUL. I ended up using them on my little ponies rather than for dressup.

    I have a lot of piercings- but that doesn’t make me “trashy”. I have 13 to be exact. I only wear four of them regularly. You can still be classy with a lot of piercings. In her case it just looks like she was rummaging through her grandmother’s costume jewelry.

  4. Here’s another thought – she recently gave birth. As my wife points out, there’s a certain logic in wearing clip-on earrings when one is tending a baby…

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