Not Being In Cape Cod Sucks!

A couple of weeks back, my dear friend Melissa and I deserted our family and responsibilities for a week long gal pal adventure to the cape. Sort of like a New England version of “Thelma and Louise” without the nasty dying part at the end. It was seven days of perfection filled with antiquing, ice cream, and the search for the best lobster roll on the cape made without too much mayonnaise and a simple toasted bun.

Now that I’m back and living the life fantastic filled with early morning school drop offs, football widow weekends, and folding fitted sheets, I long for the days of exploring town after town. I long for it so much that my newest obsession is finding a cottage in Brewster to call my own. Nothing much. Just an old shingled shack, close to the beach where I can spend my days writing and relaxing and shopping at the Brewster General Store for tea towels and penny candy.

This obsession is stuck in my head like a classic Beatle song or worse, a Wiggles tune that revolves around fruit salad, yummy yummy. That’s why I need your help. If anyone out there can tell me some negatives about living on the cape, please do so so I can finally get back to normal and clear my brain of thoughts of clean air, small town living, and the perfect lobster roll made witout too much mayonnaise and a simple toasted bun.


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