Those Two Smart Mamas at “The Baby Planners” Say…

Martyr Mom!

Life before kids is frequently hard to remember – did we really wake up on Saturday morning and say “what should we do today?” or spend our extra cash on a fabulous pair of heels? Now, with kids, school, extracurriculars and more, it seems every moment and every dollar has a single purpose – our little darlings!

A Survival Guide for Having a Life Outside Your Kids

It’s not easy avoiding the mommy martyr trap but Joanne Kimes’ wonderful new book “The Stay-At-Home Martyr” is a fabulous guide on how to have a rewarding “life outside your kids.” It will give you the tools to get back on track, find time for yourself and even remind you of the joys of wearing matching undergarments!


*For more smart insight, check out The Baby Planners at They’re a Los Angeles-based baby concierge and consulting service that caters to the needs of expectant parents nationwide. What wedding planners are to newly-engaged couples, The Baby Planners™ are to parents-to-be. 


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