I’m Ready For My Close Up!

images1I feel like a star! As I’m typing this I’m in full make-up. Thick foundation, eye liner on top AND bottom, and a head full of curls. I look like a drag queen version of my former self. Why am I dressed like I’m going to a Cher concert? Because I just came back from doing the KTLA morning news to plug “Christmas Sucks”. Thank you Leila and the wonderful anchors for making it so easy.

Last week, I was in NY doing the Today show! Again, had a great time. Hoda and Kathy Lee could not have been kinder or more lovely. My only peeve was when Kathy Lee introduced me as the the author of “What to Do When Christmas Sucks.” No viewer’s ever gonna find that book on amazon! Really Kathy Lee. It’s two words. TWO WORDS! But I forgive you and would welcome the opportunity to be on your show again so you can make it up to me. “Teenagers Suck” comes out in the Spring so I’ll be waiting for your call, Kathy Lee!

I just wanted to give you all an insight into the life of a celebrity. Well, a Z-list celebrity anyway who got an insight into the inner workings of Hollywood. Now I’m off to lunch at the Ivy and check into a Malibu rehab!


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