What Sucks?

With the new year ahead, I’m thinking of more Sucks titles. There are already three sucks books in the works: Teenagers Suck due out in Spring, and Planning a Wedding Sucks, and Divorce Sucks coming out in the Fall (I have a famous divorcee writing this one who I can’t wait to tell you about! As it gets closer to the release date, I’ll let you know who she is!). But I’m wondering what titles YOU would be interested in reading. Let me know what sucks in your life and I’ll see what I can do!


2 responses to “What Sucks?

  1. How about “Remodeling Sucks”, “Marriage Sucks” and “Traveling/Vacations Suck”?

  2. I got a few….”Mid-Life Sucks, “High School Reunions Suck”, “Getting Fired Sucks”, “Job Searching Sucks” – Oh I got more!!

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