Not Being on Oprah Sucks

images-11I watched Oprah yesterday whose goal was to enlighten women about the perils of menopause. Her guest, Mrs. Dr. Phil, Robin McGraw, who has a new book out about her personal journey fighting the demon called perimenopause. Well, enlighten this, Oprah! I’ve had a book on the shelf for a year talking about this same thing. The title, “Menopause Sucks”! Only, I’m not the wife of a famous television “doctor.” Oh, and when you had Jenny McCarthy on your show pimping her latest book about the truth behind pregnancy, where was I? I had the FIRST book (a bestseller no less) that shed light on just how miserable procreation can be, but my tush never graced your couch. Hmmm, could it be that I wasn’t an ex-playboy bunny dating Jim Carrey?

I really do love you, Oprah. I’m just getting tired of being skipped over because I’m not in the Hollywood limelight. I’m just a common, stay-at-home mom trying to make a few bucks so I don’t have to have a nanny raise my kid. I’m frustrated that my books continually get shunned in favor of celebrity authors. If anything I’ve said strikes a chord, remember me when you do a show on how mere mortals struggle to carve out a living to keep their financial heads above water. My tush would be very grateful to show up.


One response to “Not Being on Oprah Sucks

  1. Hey – I also was throwing my hormone pills at Oprah. We wrote the best menopause book out there. Too bad I look more like Dr. Phil than his lovely wife Robin.

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