Cyberlife Sucks

images5Facebook and Twitter and Blogging! OH MY! So much technology. So little time! Besides, even if I had more hours in the day, I don’t get how all these on-line activities work. Let’s face it. The main reason that I have this site is to spread the word about my books. Sure, having eleven books in the bookstores is great, but it seems authors also need to have a website “chaser.” But now, a blog isn’t good enough. Now all the cool authors also have a Facebook page. Okay. Signed up. Added photo. Did that. You’d think I’d be done but noooo. It seems you’re nothing if you don’t also have a Twitter account! Mamma Mia! So now I’m blogging and FBing and Tweeting (Twitting? Twatting?) and I can’t imagine how doing any of this has actually given my book series any more attention than before. But it has given me a hell of a lot of frustration by being asked to be “friends” on Facebook by old friends who  I never wanted to be friends with in the first place. And by trying to get my message posted on Twitter in 140 characters or less and figuring out what all those initials mean in other Twitter posts (UR=your is all I’ve figured out).

But I’ll keep plugging along. I’ll keep writing in my blog. Keep adding book cover photos in my Facebook account. And continue to Tweet and learn those damn initial thingies. Man, an author’s life was so much simpler when all we had to do was write a book and let word of mouth do the rest.


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