I Forgive You, Oprah Winfrey

Okay, I was upset. A few days ago I released some anger and blogged about my resentment towards Oprah for continually passing me over in favor of other, more celebrity-type, writers trying to peddle the same types of books that I have written. Sure I don’t sleep with Dr. Phil or Jim Carrey, but my books are worthy none the less. I said some hurtful things, and Oprah, I am sorry. Not only did time heal my wound, but so did my soaring sales for “Menopause Sucks” due to your new passion on the subject.  In a round-a-bout way, your power has helped a peon writer like myself whose only goal is to stay home and raise her kid. And, I’d say a goal like that makes me just as worthy as anyone who has had sex with a member of the screen actor’s guild.

Thank you, Oprah!


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