Having an Incontinent Dog Sucks!

images1I love my dog. Daisy is the best dog I’ve ever had. She’s obedient, loyal, and, unlike other Border Collies, is very calm. In fact, I’m convinced she’s part dog, part houseplant. But lately, Daisy does have one major flaw. She’s become incontinent. What started out as a dribble has turned into a torrential downpour ,and in the morning as I snuggle in bed, I feel a wet spot where no wet spot should be. 

I saw the vet and he gave me some pills, but we’re way past the pills now. So, I just came back from Pet Co. with a box of doggie diapers complete with a hole where her tail needs to go. I also got her a nice bone to make up for the guilt I’ll feel tonight when I strap her rump into that plastic poochy Pamper.  Man, getting older sucks, even for dogs, and when you’re dealing with incontinence, “urine” for no fun.


3 responses to “Having an Incontinent Dog Sucks!

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  2. I’m thinking about Daisy. She’s lucky to have such a nice owner – like my Hallie.

  3. ‘Urine’ for even less fun when it happens to your husband!

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