Finishing a Good Book Sucks!

415n3k3mb0l_sl160_pisitb-sticker-arrow-dptopright12-18_sh30_ou01_aa115_I’ve never been much of a reader. In school I didn’t read anything that wasn’t assigned to me. I was jealous of people who couldn’t put a book down or read it all at one time. The only thing I’ve ever read in one sitting is a People magazine article on Scott Baio. But then, in 1997, my literary life changed when John Grisham’s book, “The Firm” was released. I had it with me on an airplane and I did what I thought I could never do: read it all in one sitting! True, there weren’t a heck of lot of options for me to do otherwise, but even so, I finally became one of those people I envied.

Since then, I enjoy reading, and every once in a rare while, I come across a book that I enjoy so much, I savor every word. I dread turning the page because I know that doing so will bring me that much closer to the final page which will inevitable fill me with sorrow and despair. The  same sorrow and despair I feel when I watch the last scene of the season finale of Lost.

The book I just savored is Augusten Burroughs’, Magical Thinking.  I just loved, loved, loved it. The guy cracks me up and writes sentences that are so simple yet profound, I have to read them twice. It’s a writing style I wish had, but unfortunately few of us humans are granted this level of talent. Even so, I relate to Augusten. Sure, he’s a balding, unstable, gay man who can step on a baby’s fingers without remorse, but he and I still have things in common. We both love New York, we both enjoy surgery shows where hideous tumors are removed, and both have recurrent dreams where we work for Martha Stewart. True, I’ve never written anything that’s made it to the top of the NY Times Bestseller list, but I still have hope.


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