Jon and Kate Plus Eight is Great

imagesIf you’re a parent that’s knee deep in projectile vomit, blood boiling tantrums and spousal resentment, tune into TLC’s hit show, “Jon and Kate Plus Eight.” It’s my newest, most favoritest program because it shows me my life doesn’t suck nearly as much as I thought it does. If this family can deal with hourly traumas and constant needs of both young children and new puppies (for god’s sake, is this family mad???), then I can deal with periodic dawdling and homework battles. And, although I have a spouse that  doesn’t unload the dishwasher the way I do (how many places can he hide the damn measuring cup?), I’m thankful he doesn’t belittle me in front of the whole freakin’ nation.  

So if you are having trouble with your family struggles, tune in and smile. It’s like televised Prozac that will lift you out of your sink-hole of depression. It’s also a very effective form of birth control.


2 responses to “Jon and Kate Plus Eight is Great

  1. Isn’t it great! The girls and I (and even Tim) love this show. The kids are adorable, but real, and the parents are really real. Yeah, they make our lives (parents of under 8 children) look like a breeze.

  2. If you really want to ensure that your life doesn’t suck – you should also watch TLC’s Table for 12 and 17 and Counting. On a different topic – my TLC favorite is What Not To Wear!

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