Getting Old Sucks

images-1This is how pathetic my  life has become now that I’m over forty…okay, way over forty. In my younger days, before the need for wrinkle creams and hormone patches, I’d get attention from men. But back then, I hated it. Whenever I’d walk down the street and some creep in a construction truck would gawk and holler, I’d get grossed out, look down and sprint  on past. But now things have changed. Men don’t gawk anymore. And the only time they holler is if I’m crossing against the light. But this morning, a miracle happened. I was finishing up a hike and heading back to my car when a guy in a pickup said hello to me. This time, instead of being grossed out, I was so pathetic, I looked up at him and smiled with grateful eyes. Turns out, the guy in the truck is a friend of the family who was just saying hello. Crap. It seems the only way a guy will give me attention anymore is if I actually know him.  Man, getting old sucks big time.


2 responses to “Getting Old Sucks

  1. Feel better. At Drag Brunch (yes, you read that right) Sunday, our table was called out as cougars. 😉

    You look hot, J—no worries!

  2. My neighbor had surgery so I brought an orchid plant over to cheer her. Her 72 year old husband answered the door, and as I walked by with plant in hand he swatted me on the butt. I was both repulsed and flattered – how sick is that? I was urbane enough not to make an issue of it but I secretly giggled with my more sophisticated friends – or did I just want to be sure that they knew I was hot enough to be swatted by a septagenarian – yes, I know – sick!

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