Jury Duty Sucks Again

images-1A couple of years back, I wrote about my sucky jury duty, but back then, I wasn’t even chosen for a trial. This time, I wasn’t as lucky. Yes, for the next week, I will officially be referred to as “Juror #10,” a vital part of the judicial process. So vital in fact, that it is deemed worthy of $15 per-day salary plus one-way milage reimbursement. Whoo boy.

Look, in an ideal world, I’d be delighted to serve on jury duty, but not when I have a kid in elementary school to pick up every day. There were 35 of us to choose from, many of which stated they’d be delighted to serve. But did they choose them??? Noooooo. Even though I told the court I had no one to get my daughter, they didn’t give a courtroom crap. They didn’t even dismiss the poor woman who recently lost her child nor the one whose husband just lost his job so she’s the sole provider of her family of eight living paycheck to paycheck. Jeez! Dear President Obama, can’t you please restructure the judicial system so the court will prioritize their jurors according to those that want, and are able, to serve. Thank you.

Your biggest fan,

Juror #10, the bitter and disgruntled juror


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