images-3It was unanimous. All twelve of us came to the conclusion that the defendant was guilty! There was one women who took a long time to move over to the dark side, but she brought in homemade chocolate chip cookies this morning so we forgave her. They were still warm. We had no choice.

After all said and done, and all my bitching and complaining, it really was a good experience. I learned a lot about the judicial process and felt that I was part of an important system. And when it was all over and we got to chat with the lawyers, I felt confident we had made the right decision. Oh, and when I asked the lawyer how they could have chosen me for a juror when I had a minor child to care for, he said that can’t be used as an excuse anymore. He went on to say he chose me because I came across as an intelligent person capable of making an informed and educated decision. So I forgave me. Like with the cookies, I had no choice.


One response to “GUILTY!

  1. Hey M.J.,

    You are so the woman! What can I say? Oh I know… I having renters SUCKS!


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