Having Your Kid Graduate From Elementary School Sucks!

I knew the bubble would burst one day, and that day is finally here. After six very fast years, my little girl is now a woman…or at least an elementary school graduate. Good-bye enchanted land of jungle gyms and milk wagons and children laughing on the playground. Hello middle school with your nasty underarm hair and body odor and raging hormones. What was once, “Mommy, guess what I learned in school today?” will now become, “Hey lady, it’s none of your damn beezwax what my homework is…and don’t be picking me up in front of school where everyone can see you. Haven’t I told you enough times already? Jeez!”

So if you hear the sound of a loud burst today, don’t worry. It’s not a space shuttle entering the atmosphere or a wrecking ball hitting a condemnedIMG_0856 building. It’s just the sound of that six year old bubble finally exploding. Oh, and don’t be surprised if that popping sound is followed by a torrential downpour. That’ll just be my tears. I’m thinking it may ease the L.A. drought situation.

Congratulations to my beautiful, precious daughter on your amazing accomplishment! I couldn’t be more proud.


One response to “Having Your Kid Graduate From Elementary School Sucks!

  1. HI Joanne, I am so with you on this! Forget my child, I was at that school for 10 years! I’m so sad not to be able to walk my girl to her classroom ever again, and not to have the chats with other moms on the way back to our cars.

    Your blog is great! I’m looking forward to reading your books. Might I suggest a new title, Sibling Rivalry Sucks (particularly between adolescent girls)?!

    I started a blog just for fun, so I’m always looking at other blogs for inspiration! Mine’s http://www.wendysword.wordpress.com. (sorry for the self promotion, but somehow that blog address always seems to come out within the first 5 minutes of all my conversations! Can’t imagine why!)

    Have a good summer. Wendy (aka Molly’s mom)

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