Did You Know I’m In A Band?

imagesYes, it’s true. I learned how to play guitar a few months back, and now I’m a member of a band we call, The Liver Spotz (notice the letter “z” which makes our name ultra cool). The band consists of friend Simon Millar on guitar, Paul Gardner on keyboard, and my husband Jeff on yet another guitar. Currently I’m sleeping with Jeff, but you never know what can happen because, hey, I’m in a band. I too play guitar and I’m also lead singer (because no one else wants to be), music sheet copier and distributor (because no one else will do it), guitar strap and music stand procurer (because I have a friend who’s a musician…thanks Kay), and roadie who sets up the band whenever we have a gig (we actually had one!). The only thing I don’t do is tune my guitar because I think tuning is for wimps. Besides I don’t know how to so my my husband does it for me. I am sleeping with the guy so it’s the least he can do if he hopes to keep me around.

As mentioned, we had a gig. It was last night during the Abram’s drinking party. There was plenty of drama surrounding the day with our keyboard player quitting the band and then changing his mind at the last minute, and Simon insisting we rehearse one more time as if it would make a hell of a difference. We went on at 9:00 pm and  our set consisted of three songs: “Mother and Child,” “Father and Son” and “In My Mind I’m Going to Carolina” (yes, we’re old). We had more songs to play, but after three songs we realized how much we suck, and how the guests were more interested in getting Jello shots than listening to us play.

All in all, it was a great evening. Historic even, since it marked the last performance of The Liver Spotz.  I did learn a lot though. I learned how hard it is to keep a band together. Why concert tickets cost so damn much because there’s so much work takes place behind the scenes. And how much alcohol is involved to make an inherently shy woman get up in front of group of people and make a fool out of herself. But when you’re in a band, you do what ya gotta do. And yes, I am in a band.


One response to “Did You Know I’m In A Band?

  1. got a random call looking to book the band end of summer for a gig at the pool house – we need to practice, learn chords and new songs

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