Having Your iPhone Stolen Sucks

images-1I just got my first iPhone a few months back. It was love at first sight. The sleek design. The colorful apps. We were a match made in heaven. In fact, if my husband and my iPhone were both drowning I’d have a hell of a hard time deciding which one to save. But, today my deepest fears came true when my iPhone was stolen. I was at the beach with my daughter and a couple of her friends. A man (later to be known as “the thief”) came over and sat close to us.  Not too close to bother us, but close enough to feel like he was invading my personal space. He waited until we were all in the water and then made his move. By the time I was out of the water, my iPhone was history. This man was a good thief. His calculated move of sitting close was brilliant so nearby beachgoers would think nothing of him going through my purse. The thief also faced the water so I never saw a good look at his face therefore being unable to identify him. Yes, this thief was a good thief. So good in fact, that he almost deserves my iPhone. Not quite. But almost.

**Update: Sorry to falsely accuse you, stupid evil thief man. I found my iPhone which was caught up in the folds of my beach chair. I shouldn’t have blamed you for my mistake, although I still think you’re a bit creepy.


One response to “Having Your iPhone Stolen Sucks

  1. Awwww Joanne. So sorry to hear of the thievery…and so meticulously premeditated.

    Suppose hauling my too hard to hide laptop about has benefits I heretofore resented.
    (Not that I don’t at least want a netbook…)

    Will insurance cover it? Is there any way to “track,” or am I too confident in space age technology?

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