Summer Vacation Sucks

The reality of summer never quite equals the fantasy. When school ended in June, my daughter begged me not to send her to camp. I had forced her to go previous summers hoping that once she got there, she’d love the experience. Nope. Never happened. Instead, I’d fork over the funds of what would have made a nice jaunt to Paris so that my daughter could ride horses, go down water slides, and zip down zip lines. But even with those activities, plus several good friends to keep her company, she’d rarely come home with a smile on her face. So this summer, I told her she’d get her wish and she could have a lazy ¬†vacation. What I didn’t foresee was that a hormonal pre-teen plus too many hours at home, equals meltdowns, screaming fits, and a great need for “mommy’s little helper.” Now I know why parents across the country fork over large funds to send their kids off to summer camp. Who cares about trivial things like saving for retirement, building a college fund, and collecting overwhelming credit card debt when there’s a kid at home refusing to do chores, demanding more television time, and whining more than Earnest & Julio Gallo. Next summer, I say “Hell yeah” to camp.


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