Amusement Parks Suck

imagesActually, not really. There is one exception to that exhausting, crowded, expensive, and life-sucking day of trekking through an amusement park. A day you’d only do for the love of your child. Was it my choice to fight traffic, deal with price gauging, wait under a hot, blazing sun in lines reminiscent of early “Star Wars” premiers? Absolutely not. But was it worth it to see the smile on my kid’s face? Absolutely!
So, at the end of the day, while sitting in bumper to bumper traffic, my daughter asked me what was my favorite ride. I thought long and hard about all we had done that day and I answered her truthfully: my favorite ride was the tram. Yes, the wonderful tram! That tram ride into the park was exciting as we began our day of adventure, and the tram ride out was even more spectacular as my poor, limp, spaghetti legs finally got a chance to relax! Yes, the tram was absolutely, positively my favorite thing about that my day. That, and of course the smile on my kid’s face! Both of those things actually made my day at the amusement park worthwhile!


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