Perezhilton took notice:

Divorce Sucks is Perez worthy! See for yourself!

*Update: Yesterday it was Perez worthy. Today, it’s LA Examiner worthy!


3 responses to “Perezhilton took notice:

  1. Who cares about Perez – he sucks! I wouldn’t place that on your web site…

  2. 100 agree with Theoc… say no to Perez Hilton he just put people down all the time.

  3. You are right on one thing, I did find your site
    through ‘Divorce Sucks’ in a search engine.
    However, I was looking for MJ Eustache’s book,
    so I am thrilled to find a friend of hers, and I
    think, after your writing, I just can’t say no to buying her book.

    Another fellow Torontonian who went through
    enough of a public split , from an NHLer – yep
    the Leafs. Which was big enough for me, hank
    you very much.

    I think it’s fabulous with all the ‘sucks’ line,
    although I must say – at this point in my life,
    I can’t think of one thing that sucks, other
    than watching my elderly Mom get more ill.

    Bad Health Sucks, there we go. There are so
    many medical stories whether it be Canada, the U.S. and as far away as Australia.

    Especially with the economy/health care reform
    in the States, I can safely say I’ll definitely read
    her book, and that I’m pleased to support a woman
    who took the high road, (mine left for another
    semi-famous woman) I love that Mr. McD actually said the part about finding his soulmate.
    I can hardly wait unti that bites him in the ass,
    but I won’t be watching their show – bravo to
    MJo for keeping herself and her son away from
    that hot mess of a reality show.

    I’m wishing you both much happiness, and still
    miss Toronto, my home.


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