“Divorce Sucks”: The Story Behind the Story

51YwKvQw+YL._SL160_AA115_I have a series of Sucks books. It started years ago when I hated being pregnant and wanted to write a book that said it’s okay to have 9 months of blech instead of 9 month of bliss. I called it “Pregnancy Sucks.” It became a best seller and led to all the other 11 books in the Sucks Series (see title names above). But when it came time to write “Divorce Sucks” I couldn’t do it. Although there have been plenty of times I kicked the idea of divorce around in my head (especially during playoff season), I’ve never actually been divorced. I thought of asking my friend Mary Jo (otherwise known as the woman whose husband left her for Tori Spelling) to write it, but I figured there’d be a 90% chance she’d say no. Selfishly she’d be the ideal author (she’s funny and smart and has an amazing story to share) but I didn’t think she was ready to tell her tale. So I crossed my fingers and made the call and lo and behold, she said yes!! And boy, was I right! Mary Jo wrote an amazing book that’s the perfect blend of a helpful guide to divorce with just enough juicy tidbits of her own story to keep you laughing and crying. Like all the other books in the Sucks series, this book is helpful, humorous, commiserating and consoling. So if you’re thinking about, getting, or trying to get over, a divorce, it’s the perfect book for you! And of course, there are those juicy tidbits to read along the way!


One response to ““Divorce Sucks”: The Story Behind the Story

  1. O.k. – next time, as an author, remember this: it is ‘lo and behold’ rather than ‘low and behold’.

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