The Real “Divorce Sucks” Dirt

-SM42cover_130I was surprised as anyone to see Divorce Sucks as the central focus of the last two Star magazines. But even though these articles boosted book sales, I don’t want to mislead anyone. True, there are many stories about Tori and Dean sprinkled throughout the book, but the reason they’re there isn’t to be vindictive or seek revenge. They’re there because Mary Jo is telling her personal journey on her own “divorce cruise” where both Tori and Dean were found front and center, sometimes even steering the ship. In every other book in the Sucks series, you’ll hear personal stories as well as they relate to the topic at hand (pregnancy, dating, dieting, menopause, Christmas, and many others). And like all the other books in the series, Divorce Sucks is, and always will be, an empowering book to help women who are going through an incredibly sucky time in their lives and learn how come out of it a wiser and better person.
So, if you want to buy Divorce Sucks to hear about Mary Jo’s first tumultuous meeting with Tori, or to read about how Dean broke Mary Jo’s heart while she wearing in a bikini (a difficult moment for any woman all on its own!), be my guest. But if you’re looking for a way to survive your own “divorce cruise,” I’m sure you’ll find it far more rewarding.


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