Divorce Sucks Publicity

imagesMany people have been asking me when they can expect to see Mary Jo dishing about divorce. Because the book was originally supposed to be released mid October (amazon got it a few weeks early…oops!), that’s when the publicity officially begins. Good Morning America wanted an exclusive first sit down with Mary Jo, so everything is set to go after that! After GMA next Tuesday, the 20th, Mary Jo will then shoot interviews for Access Hollywood, Inside Edition, The Joy Behar Show, Extra and others. Then comes The Bonnie Hunt Show and Dr. Phil back in L.A. Oh, and look for her this week in People magazine. I’ll update with more specifics soon, but for now, the publicity bandwagon officially starts rolling next Tuesday with Good Morning America!!!


3 responses to “Divorce Sucks Publicity

  1. Joanne, I SOOO saw the headline for Star Magazine with Tori “collapsed” due to too little meat on her bones AND Dean’s ex’s “Tell All!”

    ‘Zat you and your co-writer? Lawsy, this book has GOT to be sassy! 😉

    Congrats Sweetness!

  2. Looking forward to getting the book! Really want to have my book club read it. Will be a fun read for us – we love sassy books here in the midwest! Congrats!

  3. This book is absolutely fabulous! Received it from Indigo yesterday and have nearly finished it. It is a great book for women going through or who have gone through divorce. Mary Jo has taken the high road and it is informative and laugh-out-loud funny.

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