Way To Go, Mary Jo!

tn 13-23-53Click here to watch Mary Jo on Good Morning America this morning chit-chatting about Divorce Sucks! Not only was she eloquent, but she had an amazing hair day as well!

*Update: And here’s a link to the Bonnie Hunt show. Click on VIDEOS to see Mary Jo in motion!

Oh, and let’s not forget the first of two appearances on the Joy Behar show!


2 responses to “Way To Go, Mary Jo!

  1. Congratulations on your book, I like it a lot. It will be a good guide for thousands of womens that are alone in such hard time. The book as funny too and Mary is a classy lady, sure she deserves better than Dean.
    I wish the author the best in life, after all what she went through she deserves.

  2. To Joanne Kimes,
    Hi, I just finished reading “Divorce Sucks.” It wasn’t what I first expected it to be but was glad that Mary Jo took the high road.
    I sent her a separate note but to you I wanted to ask: What is up with the spelling errors?? (No pun intended.) As the editor, you should have been way more careful with that. Throughout the book: physic for psychic, man/men, women/woman. And in the epilogue, “wthe” (p.214) and “success To this day” (p.217) should have been easily caught with spell-check.
    It’s just embarrassing. I’ve never read a book with such errors. It took from the subject matter. All of a sudden, I became an English teacher (which I’m not) looking to make corrections instead of being inspired by the topic.
    PLEASE fix these errors in subsequent publishings. The last thing Mary Jo needs is that over-indulged heiress to mock her command of the English language in book #3.

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