It’s The Most Suckiest Time Of The Year!

Yes, Christmas Sucks! And nothing will make you feel okay about your distain for this most sacred holiday more than this book! Learn how to deal with budget breaking presents to nasty mall Santas to bumper-to-bumper holiday travel to opinionated in-laws and drunken parties and much, much more! This Christmas classic will get your in the ho-ho-holiday hating spirit!


One response to “It’s The Most Suckiest Time Of The Year!

  1. Joanne,
    I picked up your book in an Ocean State Job Lot one Sunday. I have been working retail for the last nine years (NOT what I graduated college for!). My eyes automatically went to the title of your book, considering the upcoming holiday season and the fact that “Black Friday” is approaching us. Bleh. Quite honestly, Christmas is my second favorite holiday, but this book seemed to be captivating (that, and the fact that the title had be snickering in the store, so I figured something interesting was within!) I laughed so hard I had tears coming out of my eyes! Thank you so much on behalf of all distressed people during the holidays! This book is hilarious!

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