Technology Sucks!

I know this crap happens to you as well, but since this is my blog and my story, it’s my time to rant. Here’s the lowdown.
For the last couple of months my internet sporadically crashes. It used to be once a week but then, like a perimenopausal woman and her missed periods, the occurences became much more frequent (guess that metaphor gives you another insight into my life). When my internet would drop at least ten times a day, it warranted a trip to the Apple store since I’m addicted to the internet and freak out if I can’t have it. At the Apple store I was given the devastating news that I’d have to leave my computer overnight, and, as expected, I endured a night of physical withdrawals from going cold turkey and being forced to actually talk to my husband and child.
The next day, I got to the Apple store early and scratched at the glass doors until the store opened. I was told my computer was fine but that I should get a new modem. I went home and proceeded to spend two, count them, two, hours dealing with that crap. I spent one hour on the phone with various AT&T “technicans”, and another hour going back to the Apple store to get a wireless thing-a-m-bob. Got home from the Apple store to find that, guess what? My phone was dead. No dial tone. Oh goodie.
I proceeded to spend another eternity with the phone company, who, after hearing my tale, gave me the glorious news that they can send a repair guy over…in four days! So, here I am, no land line phone, a computer with sporadic internet, and…uh, I guess that’s all (I really think lists to be in “threes” but oh well. Besides, those two things are huge enough).
So, to my friends and family, if you want to reach me for the next few days you can call my cell (which I rarely carry with me because I hate cell phones), or you can FB me and hope my internet connection is working so I can actually get your message. Or you can simply come over. There’s been so much rain lately that we’ve been having regular power outages so you’ll no doubt find me sitting home in the dark with no TV and a kid that’s screaming because her computer doesn’t work. Wonder where she gets that from.


2 responses to “Technology Sucks!

  1. I am not a “technophobe” as I do not fear technology. I am a realist.

    I do not use a cell phone, ever, would never join a narcissistic social network such as Facebook (Fakebook), and am disgusted watching everyone who does, walk around like zombies, talking into their plastic cellphone pacifiers, or walking into traffic texting some meaningless garble to another texting sheep.

    I do not care to “follow” Twits who Twitter, or “like”, “poke”, etc. people that I don’t know in real life.

    I stay in touch with real friends with a landline when I need to, and hang out with them in real life. I do not need anyone to reach me at every second of the day as I enjoy my privacy and do not want to be connected to this social umbilical cord. If you have an emergency, call 911. I am not a paramedic.

    Cults manage to keep you in a state of brainwash by never giving you a moment alone to have a deep thought. Constantly ringing cellphones, texts, and social networks have the same effect. You are never alone with your own thoughts. You are merely a sheep in the giant herd of sheeple.

    Wake the hell up people.

    Get real.

  2. i have just put in to google “technology sucks” i thought there would be so much more….that is disapointing right away….anyway…was it so much easier when you just dealt with a person and cash?yes it was…b4 i go on…i’m 40…not an auld yin(that’s scottish for old person)…when technology breaks down…we are f;9p.;/[d…that’s scottish for arsed….

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