Divorce Sucks


Bannerline: From the girl-next-door who got dumped for a Hollywood “Dynasty”

This is how I found out I was getting divorced.
I’m on vacation in a Palm Springs hotel room, holding my seven-week-old daughter in my arms. My husband Dean had been away for three weeks making a movie in our country of origin, Canada, and now has some very surprising news.
He is having an affair with his co-star Tori Spelling and he is leaving me for her rather immediately. He tells me that he has met his soul mate and then rents a car and proceeds to leave.
I begin to realize that perhaps I’m in store for a completely different type of trip.

And so begins Divorce Sucks, the inside look at one of today’s most sensational breakups. In this one part tell-all and one part divorce survival guide, Mary Jo Eustace reveals what the tabloids didn’t—and in the process shows how divorced (or soon-to-be divorced) women everywhere can find their own happy (not made-for-TV) ending.

Sometimes shocking, often gratifying, and never merciful, Divorce Sucks gives you the real story behind one of today’s most public divorces while reminding you that it could always be worse.

Born and raised in Toronto, Mary Jo Eustace is an author, actress, singer, chef, and mother to Jack and Lola.
Mary Jo was married to Dean McDermott for thirteen years before Dean met Tori Spelling on the set of the Lifetime made-for-TV movie Mind Over Murder. After her highly publicized divorce, Mary Jo returned to her native Canada with her son and newly adopted daughter to film her cooking show, He Said, She Said with Ken and Mary Jo for Canada’s W Network.
Mary Jo is the author of the bestselling cookbook By My Side. She has also written for the bestselling anthology The Other Woman and has been featured on Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood, and The Today Show.

Joanne Kimes is the series editor of the bestselling Sucks series. Ms. Kimes has been married for twelve years and only considers divorce during playoff season. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband and her daughter. Find out more about Joanne and the Sucks series at http://www.sucksandthecity.com.


5 responses to “Divorce Sucks

  1. my wife tol me me she is gay and wants to move on..we are living together for financial reasons.
    I cant find anything for men.to help them.nothing about the women making more money and having an affair…the only thing i come across is women being cheated on and being financialy destitud …..what about the man on the othe end

  2. Going through my own divorce at the present time, Divorce Sucks is a great read. However, I have never read a book with so many typographical and grammatical errors!!! Very distracting from the substantive content. Can’t believe anyone really ever edited the book. Seriously, Mary Jo, you need a competent editor…

  3. I found this book to be of great value and help.

    Her perspective is down-to-earth and funny. I hate self-help books, but I’m grateful she wrote this. It’s practical and truly deals with how devasting divorce is and offers excellent advice on how to get through such a hard time.

  4. I have written my divorce sucks story and would like to get it published are you an editor with a publishing company. My ex husband is an award winning children’s author. I do have a great story.

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